CDA’s Newest Endorsement: e-Prescribing

Molly Pereira Featured News

CDA is pleased to introduce our newest endorsed partner, iCoreRx e-Prescribing software.  After a thorough vetting process, iCoreRx was selected for its capability to improve patient care and increase workflow efficiency. Key integrations and automations in iCoreRx help remove human error, verify correct prescriptions and reduce the risk of misuse.

iCoreRx includes these key functions in one flat-rate, discounted subscription fee.

  • Prescribe on Your Office Computers, Laptop, Tablet or Phone. iCoreRx streamlines all prescription writing into one simple process. It’s cloud based and HIPAA compliant, giving you e-Prescribe functionality anywhere you are, no matter what computer or device you are using.
  •  Integrate with Your Practice Management System (PM). This is a key to operational speed. Comprehensive integration means that your PM is feeding patient information to iCoreRx in real time or on demand, auto-completing prescription data for each patient.
  •  Hyper-Quick Searches for Drug Information. Throw out the huge Lexicomp® book and hefty fee that comes with it. Instead, use the drug database function to search drug information, including generic comparisons, dosing options, contraindications, and discontinued meds.
  • Full Patient Prescription History. iCoreRx uses exact identifiers from your PM to show you every medication and dose dispensed to your patient by 99% of U.S. pharmacies. This even includes patients you are seeing for the very first time.

CDA members receive special discount pricing on iCoreRx. Get started by visiting or calling 888-810-7706.

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