CDA Foundation

The CDA believes in giving back to the community through its charitable efforts. That’s possible because of the CDA Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, that supports the CDA’s access-to-care agenda and Dental Health Matters efforts to increase discussions about oral health and the dental profession in Colorado communities and advocate for smart improvements that increase access to dental care.



To increase annual support of the foundation, align the goals and objectives of the foundation to the CDA’s access-to-care vision, support rural and underserved dental access expansion and encourage dental professional well-being.


The CDA Foundation is an essential component of the CDA’s access-to-care and charitable initiatives and champions dental professional well-being.d some content to your accordion item here.

The CDA foundation will work hard to:

  • provide access to care to families across generations,
  • establish dental coordinators in underserved areas,
  • educate children about the role of oral health in overall health, and
  • secure the CDA as the leading oral health advocate in Colorado.






  • Dr. Brett Kessler (Denver), chair of the board
  • Greg Hill (Greenwood Village), president
  • Dr. Ken Peters (Aurora), vice president
  • Robin Wandschneider (Commerce City), treasurer
  • Dr. Gary Field (Colorado Springs), secretary
  • Dr. Michael Varley (Highlands Ranch)
  • Dr. Carol Morrow (Walsh)
  • Dr. Terry Brewick (Denver)
  • Molly Pereira (Greenwood Village)
The CDA Foundation is looking for philanthropic-minded CDA member dentists to serve on its board of directors. If you’re interested in making a difference or if you know someone who would be a good fit, apply or nominate them today!


A donation of any size is helpful in making a difference in Colorado communities. Donate today!
When you pay your dues, you have the option to select the CDA Foundation as part of your annual giving.



Choose the Colorado Dental Association Foundation as your charity of choice on Amazon Smile and .5% of the price of eligible purchases will go directly to the CDA Foundation.

Here’s How

  1. Go to Amazon Smile and log into your Amazon account.
  2. Hover over “Account & Lists” and click on “Your Amazon Smile.”
  3. Search for and select “Colorado Dental Association Foundation Inc” in the “Pick your Charitable Organization” section. Or, to change your charity to the foundation, click on “Change Charity” and search for “Colorado Dental Association Foundation Inc.”
  4. Start shopping – all donations are automatic!
  5. Bookmark so you can support the CDA Foundation every time you shop.
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Semiannually, the CDA Foundation awards monetary grants to 501(c)3 organizations dedicated to improving access-to-care. Nonprofit organizations can download CDA Foundation Grant Application. The next submission deadline is Sept. 14, 2018.

The CDA Foundation gives priority to proposals that show the following:

  • There is a documented need for the proposed project. Through research, statistics,
    surveys, etc., there is a community need for the activity seeking funding.
  • A Colorado underserved population is the focus of the proposed project. An
    underserved population is defined as a group of individuals who have no, or inadequate,
    access to health services due to limited financial resources, lack of health insurance,
    geographic isolation, or language/cultural barriers.
  • The applicant has a proven track record of working with the target population.
    Individuals and organizations must be experienced, reliable and competent to
    successfully carry out the proposed project. If seeking funding for an existing program, it
    is very important to describe the program’s past results and why additional financing
    support is needed now.
  • The results of the project will last beyond the grant term. The project must create a
    lasting or sustainable change in individuals or the community. For example, a new piece
    of dental equipment at a clinic would benefit numerous individuals for several years, as
    well as help the efficiency of the clinic. In contrast, asking for funding to pay dental bills
    of low-income, uninsured individuals will not create a long-lasting change that benefits a
    large population.
The CDA Foundation will award grants to:

  • A charitable nonprofit organization with tax-exempt classification
  • A tax-supported institution such as a school or government agency
  • A dental component society
  • An oral health clinic for underserved populations
  • A CDA initiative

The CDA excludes the following from funding consideration:

  • Private foundations
  • For-profit entities
  • General operating support
  • Grant awards for an indeterminate period of time
  • Membership drives/fundraising events
  • Financial support for political candidates
  • Research projects
  • Lobbying efforts
  • Screening programs without a follow-up component
Grant amounts vary considerably. Amounts are determined on a case-by case basis, as evaluated
by the CDA Foundation. The foundation will consider each proposal’s goals, and the applicant’s
capacity to manage the goals and follow through with the proposal. Grant funding will typically
be limited to amounts up to $5,000.

Donate to the Foundation

Help the CDA give back to members of Colorado communities and support the future of the oral health profession.

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If you have questions about donating to the foundation or applying for a grant, contact CDA Foundation President Greg Hill at or 303-996-2846.