Colorado Political Giving

The Colorado Dental Political Action Committee (CODPAC) raises money to support state legislators who understand the importance of dentistry and are committed to the oral health of Coloradans. CODPAC dollars are the general fund used to educate legislators on dental issues and support legislators who back dentistry’s key issues.

The Colorado Dental Small Donor Committee (CDSDC), as a small donor committee, limits individual contributions to $50 per year, per person. But a small donor committee may give a candidate more than 10 times more than a regular political action committee, like CODPAC. CDSDC dollars are used to support legislators who have gone above and beyond their peers to support dentistry – dentistry’s best legislative champions. CDSDC has grown to be a notable player in Colorado’s healthcare political giving landscape.

Both CODPAC and CDSDC play a critical role in increasing dentistry’s prominence at the state Capitol. Partnering a small donor committee together with CODPAC positions dentistry among a handful of elite political influencers in Colorado healthcare.

To maximize political influence, Colorado Political Giving contributions are split between CODPAC and CDSDC, with the first $50 given in a calendar year going to CDSDC and any remaining state political contributions (up to $575 per two-year election cycle) going to CODPAC. If you would prefer a different allocation for your political contribution, simply contact the CDA at 303-740-6900.

Colorado Political Giving

Contributing helps the CDA and its members secure a successful future for the dental profession.

Donate to CODPAC and CDSDC


Each election year, following the state legislative session, the CDA conducts a screening process to evaluate all candidates running for state legislative office. During this process, the candidates complete a questionnaire on key dental issues and participate in interviews with CODPAC leadership. This process helps determine what level of support the candidate will receive. If a candidate chooses not to participate in the interview/questionnaire process, he/she is not considered for an endorsement or contribution.

After completing the candidate evaluation process for 2020, CODPAC contributed to friends of dentistry who are seeking seats in the state legislature. The small donor committee made additional contributions.

To access your legislator’s voting record, use Lookup Your Legislator link and enter your home ZIP code or address. Then click on the name of your state representative or state senator. Click on the “Votes” tab of your legislator’s record to view his/her voting record on key dental issues.