PDMP Survey: Your Opinion Counts!

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The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) has been identified as a promising practice to reduce risky opioid prescribing. To improve provider use in Colorado, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is directing multiple projects to improve access to the PDMP and the overall user experience.

To guide Colorado’s PDMP enhancement projects, CDPHE is requesting your participation in the PDMP User Survey. Findings from the survey will inform system enhancement to help improve PDMP use as a clinical tool.

Gathering information from those who use the system is the most effective way to make meaningful changes to the PDMP and reduce prescription drug misuse. Changes made to the PDMP could directly affect you as a dentist, so please take a few minutes to offer your feedback.

PDMP to Update Software Systems Aug. 15

PDMP will be changing software systems Aug. 15. In the new system, only one user account is allowed per email address. Any accounts that share the same email address will not be transferred to the new system. If your account is not transferred, you will have to submit a new registration application and wait for your account to be approved by the state administrator.

To ensure your account is successfully transferred to the new system, verify the email address listed on your account is unique. Log in to your existing account and click on the User Management tab to review and update your profile. All account updates should be completed by July 28.  If you have an existing account, and your account information is current and email is unique in the system, no action is required.

If your account is transferred to the new system, you will receive an email notification Aug. 15 with the new website details, including login information and a guide for how to run a patient search.

There will be a delay in prescription history of up to 2 weeks during the transition. Call 303-894-5957 or email pdmpinqr@state.co.us. with questions.

About PDMP

The PDMP is a tool for prescribers and dispensers to help make more informed decisions regarding the prescribing of controlled substances.