State Board Drafts Rules on Opioid Prescribing, Licensure of Military Spouses

Molly PereiraFeatured News

November 8, 2013

The Colorado State Board of Dental Examiners (SBDE) is revising its rules related to opioid prescribing and licensure of military spouses.

The intent of the proposed opioid prescribing policy is to reduce overprescribing and prescription drug abuse. Parallel rulemaking efforts are being conducted by the Colorado boards of medicine, pharmacy and nursing. To view a copy of the proposed policy, click here.

Provisions related to licensure of military spouses stem from a bill passed during the 2012 legislative session. HB12-1059 authorized military spouses to practice a licensed profession in Colorado for up to one year without obtaining a Colorado license if the person holds a license in good standing in another state. In accordance with the 2012 law, the SBDE rule change would allow dentists and dental hygienists who are military spouses and meet the described criteria to practice in Colorado without a license for up to one year. The person must consent to be governed under the jurisdiction and disciplinary authority of the SBDE. To view a copy of the proposed rule, click here.

The SBDE intends to accept comments and conduct further discussion on both rule changes at its meeting on Jan. 23, 2014. You may submit comments to the SBDE on either rule in advance of the January hearings.  Comments should be submitted to or by fax to 303-894-7764. Please send the CDA a copy of your comments so we can be sure to represent any member concerns. Comments may be submitted to the CDA by e-mail to or by fax to 303-740-7989.