New Year, New Codes

Kelsey Creehan Featured News

On Jan. 1, 2019, new CDT codes go into effect! Make your life easier with the CDT 2019 Kit. This essential ADA resource helps your team code more accurately for fewer claims rejections and faster reimbursement.

This CDT 2019 Kit includes several tools:

  • CDT 2019: Dental Procedure Codes with all the new and updated codes, including 15 new codes, five revised codes and four deleted codes, plus complete descriptors.
  • CDT 2019 Coding Companion trains staff on how to use the right codes at the right time. The book features four new authors, 35 new coding scenarios, 21 new Q&A, and a new chapter on working with dental benefit plans.

The ADA member price is $85 (non-members pay $127.50). Order today with promo code 18460BE to save 15% on all ADA Catalog products.                                                                            

Order now at the ADA Store or by calling 800-947-4746.