InfoProABC Continues to Grow!

Molly PereiraFeatured News

May 23, 2012

The CDA is developing two additional sections on  These sections will give CDA members full access to an “OnYourWebsite” benefit and a Virtual Trade Show, in addition to the original resource libraries: Association, Business and Clinical.

InfoProWomanWithComputer“OnYourWebsite” will allow member dentists to access 87 state-of-the-art clinical presentations, available with a licensing fee, to use on private dental practice Websites.  This option creates a level of professionalism for practice Websites, in addition to high-tech education for patients.

The Virtual Trade Show introduces a technologically advanced advertising platform for vendors.  By generating an online venue for participants, this trade show is far more accessible and effective than its traditional “in person” counterpart.  The Virtual Trade Show is easily searchable by dentists and guarantees discounted pricing. The channels to advertise for vendors are extensive, ranging from simple visuals and hyperlinks, to video and social media integration.

InfoProABC is a CDA member benefit that provides business resources and a clinical education tool for the dental office. For more information or to obtain your free member login, please contact CDA Marketing Coordinator Nikki Williams at or 303-996-2845.