Site backup

The primary method of backing up the CDA website is by using the installed component “JoomlaPack” (Components/JoomlaPack). It is back up the database and all files with the exception of the following directories: UPLOADS, backup_temp1, media and tmp.

  • UPLOADS is strictly a temporary holding area for files being transferred from CDA to sources outside the CDA such as Windgate Design.
  • backup_temp1 is where the backup files are stored. The backup files are .jpa archived files. They may be restored using the JoomlaPack application.
  • media is where very large media files (videos) are stored and those files are stored elsewhere.
  • tmp is a directory the system uses to store temporary files, especially during installation of extensions.

Currently the system is configured to store only five backup files “Joomla Pack Archive” (JPA). Those individual compressed files may be downloaded to a local computer either through the component’s “Administer Backup Files” function or via FTP. The later is the preferred method as it can be handled “in the background.”

If there are more then five backup files in the “backup_temp1” directory, the system is configured to allow the oldest file to be overwritten when a new backup is initiated.

Backing up the site is a simple process.

Log into the administrator area.

On the opening screen you will see an icon, which says “Backup required!” if a backup has not been done in a few days. If the site has been backed up recently, the icon will say, “Backup is up-to-date”

When you click on the icon, a new screen with a text editor panel will open. You can bypass this and just click on they “backup now!” button on the lower left. The backup may take more than an hour to perform. Do not navigate to another page. This page needs to be up for the duration of the backup.

The alternative access to this procedure is through the Components menu. The process is the same.

Backup Schedule

At the moment, WDI performs a weekly backup except when there has been a significant change to the content of the site. A backup will be performed immediately before changing the website’s configuration, upgrading extensions, and adding or modifying a function. Once the upgrades are tested and found to be problem free, a new backup is performed. Each week, the backup files are downloaded to the WDI computers for storage. The oldest two files are deleted from the server.

Automatic backups are not currently set up. This is on the list of things to do (as of 09/01/09).

Restoring the Site

(under development)