Your Mixtape on Wellness

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By Molly Pereira, CDA Associate Executive Director
From the Winter 2020 Journal of the Colorado Dental Association

Happy New Year!

The fact that we’re starting a new decade blows my mind—especially because I feel like it was just 2002 a couple years ago. Never mind the fact that I taught my 7-year-old what a cassette tape was last week, and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t believe that this plastic rectangle with rolled up brown tinsel could play music.

The one good thing about getting older is that small stuff doesn’t bother me like it used to. Another flurry of lice hitting the kids’ school? Good thing we own tea tree oil for prevention and hair clippers if the oil fails. A notorious forgetful friend not paying me back for a joint gift? Let it go—it takes more energy to remember the $20 owed to me and I’m sure it’ll work out in the long run. Starbucks giving me somebody else’s order and me not noticing until it’s too late? As long as it’s not pumpkin spice flavored, I’ll probably live (and still be caffeinated).

For the most part, I really try to not sweat the small stuff and to get over what I can’t control. It’s a work in progress but it has allowed me to spend more time being appreciative of what I have and realize that I can control important things like my mental health, priorities, nutrition, happiness and relationships with others. I’m by no means a Yoda of wellbeing but I am passionate about wellness, living outside ego, being an example for my kids and being grateful for many things.

The fall issue of the Journal was dedicated to the eight pillars of wellness to show the many sides of wellness from stress management, to financial comfort, to physical health in a profession with many demands. It also promised a new member benefit for 2020: a 12-month wellness program for YOU and your team. Each month we’ll conquer a new topic and offer free articles, videos, webinars and more to inspire you to implement small changes in your everyday to better manage your worries, workload and intentions. I hope you’ll tune-in during this year for the CDA’s 12-month lineup of 2020 wellness.

CDA 2020 Wellness Program Calendar







Return on Investment: Providing an Office Wellness Program

·   Learn the benefits of a wellness program: decreased sick leave, less turnover, better health, happiness and harmony.

·   Get tips on how to successfully implement a program at the office. How can you afford to NOT have one?


Ergonomics in the Dental Office

·   Understand proper sitting and standing posture when treating patients.

·   Learn tips to protect your hands, back and neck.

·   Reduce stress through movement and stretching.


Stop Making Excuses! Get Healthy!

·   Everyone says they don’t have time for exercise and meal prep, but how much time did you spend on your smart phone today?

·   Learn how to make a habit and stick to it.

·   Value yourself as a priority and abandon all or nothing thinking.


Stress Awareness and Stress Management

·   Understand the effects of stress and long-term stress on the mind and body.

·   Learn four techniques to manage your stress.


Employee Health and Fitness

·   Incorporate strength training, ideal for a dentist.

·   Figure out how to find time for fitness.

·   Understand healthy weight awareness.


Work-Life Balance: The Importance of Downtime

·   Justify taking a vacation and being able to leave with peace of mind.

·   Learn the importance of resetting and reprioritizing your life.


Financial Health for the Present and Future

·   Learn to manage everyday finances while still saving for the future.

·   Figure out if a will, trust or estate plan is best for you.

·   Understand how to protect your practice should the unexpected occur.


Mindfulness, Gratitude and Meditation

·   Learn about the proven benefits of intentional meditation.

·   Find a form of meditation that fits you with four guided mini sessions.

·   Change your practice culture to incorporate mindfulness.


Suicide Prevention: Helping others and helping yourself

·   Better manage burnout and recognize the consequences of stress.

·   Learn about QPR training to help colleagues, patients and yourself.


Office Stretching, Body Therapy and Selfcare

·   Learn the best daily stretches for a dentist.

·   Examine the importance of selfcare and body therapy to avoid injury or chronic issues.

·   Discover how to coach your staff to take care of themselves.


Healthy Aging, Risk for Disease and Hazards of the Occupation

·   Examine how frequent occupational tasks put dentists at risk.

·   Explore the benefits regular selfcare.

·   Learn about toxins in the environment and how to detox regularly.


Nutrition Tips and Surviving the Holidays

·   Find ways to treat your staff to healthy meals without breaking the bank (just say “no” to pizza!).

·   Create and maintain healthy habits for the office.

·   Manage temptation when referral gifts enter the breakroom.