Take Action on Federal Legislation that Will Improve the Field of Dentistry

Krysia GabenskiFeatured News

November 23, 2015

The Colorado legislative session doesn’t start until January 2016, but federal legislation is in full swing. Here is a bill and a resolution that might affect you as a dentist. The CDA urges you to take action on both of these issues.

H.R. 3323 DOC Access Act
Sponsored by U.S. Rep. Buddy Carter of Georgia, H.R. 3323 prohibits all health plans offering a dental or vision benefit from dictating what a doctor may charge a plan enrollee for items or services not covered by the plan. The doctor may not, however, charge the enrollee more than the usual and customary fee charged to individuals who are not enrolled in the plan.
H. R. 3323 also prohibits plans from communicating with enrollees in a manner that interferes with the doctor-patient relationship and establishes some “rules of the road” for provider network participation. A doctor adversely affected by a violation of the terms of the legislation will have a private right of action to seek injunctive relief and monetary damages.
This legislation is intended to bring better practices and free market principles back into the healthcare system. Take action now!
House of Representatives H. Res. 416
In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of community water fluoridation, Rep. Mike Simpson has introduced a House of Representatives resolution that acknowledges the practice as a safe, beneficial and cost-effective public health measure preventing tooth decay. While the resolution does not carry the force of law, it represents an important endorsement by the U.S. House of Representatives of this proven public health measure. Take action now!