Automatic Insurance Verifications

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Vendor Spotlight: iCoreVerify
Are you still spending time searching record-by-record to complete patient insurance verifications?

If the answer is “yes, we’ve never been able to do anything fast with insurance,” it might be because your staff is calling insurance companies or running electronic checks one patient at a time. That adds up to 20+ hours a week of sitting on the phone, emailing and faxing insurance…for only a small percentage of your scheduled patients.

Which of these applies to your practice?

  • We are understaffed and overworked, especially when it comes to checking insurance benefits and coverage, and then following up on claim denials.
  • We are frustrated that it can take insurance companies days, or longer, to fax patient benefit information.
  • We gave up doing insurance verifications unless we are notified of an insurance plan change in advance.

iCoreVerify is state-of-the-art software that reduces insurance claim denials with automated eligibility and benefits verifications. CDA-endorsed iCoreVerify generates full code-by-code benefit reports for hundreds or even thousands of patients at the same time and up to a week ahead of every patient’s appointment.

With a direct connection to over 2,100 insurance carriers, iCoreVerify knows instantly if the information in your practice management system is the same as the insurer’s database. If there’s an error or inconsistency, you’ll know immediately. iCoreVerify shows you exactly what’s wrong when an error is detected. You can quickly address the issue to get your claims through without a hitch.

iCoreVerify, automated insurance verification, is a fast, efficient and profit-driven automation. Recapture lost revenue and utilize your staff in more productive (and fulfilling!) ways. Book a demo today to see exactly how iCoreVerify radically changes your insurance verification process.

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