Act Now! Committee Vote on HB 1144

January 26, 2010

Did you know that some dental plans have adopted a policy to try to tell you what you can charge for services not covered under their plan?

This is a marketing scheme by dental plans which is blatantly unfair to dentists and can limit patient choice and treatment options.

The CDA has introduced a bill to stop this unfair practice. The bill is an intuitive, one-line fix that simple says “if a plan doesn’t pay for a service, they can’t tell a dentist what they can charge for it.” The bill ensures fairness, preserves competition and protects quality dental care.

This bill is up for a critical committee vote tomorrow – Wednesday, January 27.

Please take 5 minutes to send a note to your legislator to ask their support for this bill. The CDA’s Capwiz system makes this process incredibly easy. We have already drafted a letter for you. Simply take a couple seconds to enter your contact information, customize the text and you’re done.

On behalf of your profession, on behalf of your practice – please click to take action now!

Thanks for your support,
Colorado Dental Association