Gold & Metals Reclamation

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D-MMEX Easy Refine 

CDA Member Benefit: 5% bonus on the total value of refined metals.


A valuable benefit of your dental association membership is access to a reputable resource for refining your practice’s precious metals. D-MMEX EasyRefine has consistently demonstrated its commitment to assisting members in maximizing precious scrap metal returns in a detailed, ethical and professional manner. Participants have seen returns improve by as much as 30 percent over their existing arrangements.

D-MMEX EasyRefine always pays a 5 percent member bonus on the total value of your metals, and provides a report stating the value of all precious metals in your submission. Through June 30, you will receive an additional 2 percent bonus, for a total member bonus of 7 percent on the total value of your submission. To receive the bonus value, be sure to indicate you are a member on your submission form and include this coupon.

The benefits of the EasyRefine program include:

  • free and insured shipping of all precious scrap contents;
  • complimentary melt and assay;
  • all-element analysis including gold, platinum, palladium and silver;
  • detailed analysis report illustrating the value of the shipment;
  • fast payment; with check settlement within 10 business days;
  • high-value compensation: Receive 97% of gold value, 90% of silver, platinum and 85% of palladium. Trade bullion terms on London-based market.

For a shipping kit, please call 800-741-3174 or order a kit online. Be sure D-MMEX receives your submission, with coupon, by June 30 for your additional bonus.


The price of gold is at a near 25-year high, making now a great time to exchange your scrap metal for cash! Send in your failed crowns and bridgework, silvery alloy powder, partials, grindings and casting flashes, platinum foil, extractor bags, and floor sweepings.

D-MMEX Easy Refine provides free and insured shipping, no charge for melt and assay, element analysis of gold, platinum, palladium and silver, a detailed analysis of the shipment, and fast payment (settlement within 10 business days).

Current market prices are listed on the D-MMEX Easy Refine website. Call for more information and a free shipping kit.

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