Student Loan Refinancing

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CDA Member Benefit: $500 welcome bonus upon refinancing

Do you have student loans? If you’re still paying the one-size-fits-all student rate, you could be overpaying. You could save money and simplify your payments by consolidating and refinancing your federal and private loans with SoFi. Fixed rates start at 3.375% and variable rates start as low as 2.185% APR (with AutoPay). SoFi is the largest provider of student loan refinancing with more than $13 billion in loans funded among 200,000 borrowers.

To apply for a free, no-commitment rate quote, and to qualify for a $500 welcome bonus upon refinancing, visit Note: CDA members must use this link to qualify for the $500 welcome bonus!

NOTICE: The CDA receives compensation from SoFi in the form of a royalty payment on the principal balance at the time of origination for each refinance loan funded by SoFi.

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