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This page contains information for members of the CDA Workforce Task Force. This information is restricted to committee members only. Please enter the committee password to view the content.

CDA Workforce Study Group
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Current Working Document
Initial Draft
Education Subcommittee Report
Health Status Subcommittee Report
Workforce Subcommittee Report

Task Force Member Schematics and Comments
Myra Bender, RDH

Jan DeBell, DA
Jeff Kahl, DDS
Eric Rossow, DDS
Pasco Scarpella, DDS
Erica Wallace, RDH

References and Links

National Dental Organizations
AGD: Is General Dentistry Dead?

AGD Access to Care White Paper 2008
AAPD Synopsis of Mid Level Provider Models
ADA Review of Alternative Workforce Models
ADHA Response to ADA Independent Hygiene Study

Colorado Specific
CDPHE Snapshot of Oral Health in Colorado
The Impact of Oral Disease on the Health of Coloradans (2005, CDPHE)
Oral Health Workforce in Colorado (2009, CHI)

A Closer Look at Oral Healthcare Workforce Needs in the West (WICHE, 2008)
Urban-Rural Dentist Survey Report (2010, CHI)
2005-2009 CDC Synopses of Colorado Dental Public Health Program
2005 State Oral Health Plan (OHAC)
2000 State Oral Health Plan (CHPHE)
Teller County Dental Pilot Program

Other States
Connecticut DHAT Pilot 
Georgia: 2010 White Paper on Access

Idaho Workforce Policy
Kansas Workforce Report
Maine Dental Therapist Summary
Massachusetts Plan to Improve Oral Health
Minnesota Synopsis
Minnesota Bill

Detail on Models
PEW Alternative Dental Workforce Models
Kellogg Report on Alaska Dental Therapist
ADA Statement Kellogg DHAT Review

Journal Articles
MiKinnon et al. Journal of Dental Education. Emerging Allied Dental Workforce Models (2007).
Nash et al. International Dental Journal. Dental Therapists: A Global Perspective (2008). 

Workforce Implications of National Healthcare Reform 

White Paper Format Resource

Task Force Roster
Dr. Pasco Scarpella (Co-Chair, CDA President)
Dr. Tom Pixley (Co-Chair, CDA Incoming President)
Ms. Myra Bender, RDH
Dr. Arnold Cullum (CSDS)
Ms. Jan DeBell (DA)
Dr. Tandi Donaldson (MDDS)
Mr. Bob Jordan, CDT
Dr. Jeff Kahl (CSDS)
Dr. Stephenie Kaufmann (IMDS)
Mr. Ben Krentz, BS, DH
Dr. David Lurye  (WCDS)
Dr. Ken Peters (CDA Vice-President)
Dr. Eric Rossow (MDDS)
Ms. Erica Wallace, RDH
Dr. Dan Wilson (MDDS)
Ms. Jennifer Goodrum (CDA staff)