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images_temp_imageA large percentage of Colorado children lack access to dental care. Because of this, it is important that children are taught about oral health at home and at school so they can form good nutrition and hygiene habits. By educating children at an early age, they have a better chance of avoiding oral health and whole-body health problems in the future.

We encourage parents and teachers to take time to teach and remind their children/students about nutritious foods to eat and the importance of brushing their teeth. Other good topics to discuss are: good foods to pack in lunches, nutritious snacks for after school, proper brushing techniques, flossing at night, why cavities occur, and what to expect when going to the dentist.

The CDA offers lesson plans and a variety of activity sheets to help with this education. Please click on the following links to download these teaching aides.

Lesson Plans

Lessons and Experiments About the Effects of Sugar and Acid on Teeth

Teaching Guide: Preschool — Grade 5

School Presentation Guide: Preschool — Grade 12


Activity Sheets

Activity Sheets: Younger Children

Activity Sheets: Older Children

Coloring Sheets

How to Brush/How to Floss Handouts

Brushing Calendars

Oral Health Certificates

Spanish Activity Sheets