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Peer Review Service

For the rare instances when it is needed, the Colorado Dental Association offers a resource for helping resolve complaints that may arise in the delivery of dental services to the public.

Peer Review is not a court and has no disciplinary function. It provides an alternative dispute resolution mechanism, at no cost to either party. Peer Review is a process where the dental profession reviews and attempts to resolve dental treatment problems and misunderstandings through mediation.

The Council on Peer Review and local committees consist of CDA member dentists who volunteer their time to review and assist patients. Unbiased, objective and timely reviews are conducted using the CDA’s format for addressing disputes between patients and dental care providers.

This service has proven most effective when the participants understand its purpose and, just as importantly, its limitations. The information listed below is to help you better understand Peer Review, avoid misunderstandings of the process and see how Peer Review can be of assistance to you in resolving your dispute. Peer Review deals with issues involving quality of care and appropriateness of treatment. Thus, some dental complaints, while valid, are not suitable for Peer Review. There is no guarantee that your complaint will be accepted for review.