Updating Member Data

The membership data used on profiles and Find A Dentist is converted from an Access database to MySQL database using the application dbConvert. The MySQL database used for the conversion process is located on the CDA hosting account server; its sole purpose is to accept the converted data from dbConvert.

That data is then imported into the Sigsui Online Business Index (SOBI2) data fields using a custom script called “updata.php.” This script is located in the root directory and be triggered via the SOBI2 administrator interface by clicking on Update Data.

{xtypo_alert}May 2010: Problem identified, several names where not showing up in the Find A Dentist search.

[I have identified the problem with the Find A Dentist search function, a fix has been applied and the function is now working.] In previous database uploads , there we two address types: ‘home’ and ‘office’. In the most recent database, there was an additional type called ‘mailing’. The application did not know what to do with this information when performing a search. The information did, however, come across in the member’s individual profile. This means that the search filtering applied the same rule to “mailing” as is did to “home.”

The point is, the upload script works, but we have to be mindful of whether the data is properly set up. It is important that all fields match.{/xtypo_alert}