Action Team Leader Program

Action Team Leader Program

The CDA pairs each of the 100 Colorado state legislators with a volunteer dentist from their area to serve as a point of contact on dental issues. This program is key to our legislative success! Sometimes volunteer dentists have an existing relationship with their legislator — they may be a personal friend or the legislator’s dentist. Other times, volunteer dentists may not even know who their state legislators is — they are simply willing to do their part to ensure that dentistry and oral health is protected, promoted and advanced at the state Capitol.

Volunteers are called “Action Team Leaders” (ATLs) and help conduct regular outreach to their legislator and motivate others in their area to do the same. The CDA provides volunteers with all the information and training needed to effectively participate.

Relationships are a powerful tool in politics and we need your help.

Join Us as a State Action Team Leader!


No prior political experience is required to participate as an ATL. An interest in policy or politics is beneficial, but not required.

Even if you do not sign up as an ATL, it is critical that you let us know about any personal relationship you might have with a legislator or policymaker. If you are a neighbor, friend, relative or dentist of a policymaker, or if you have any other notable connection, please use the form below to let us know. Personal relationships with legislators are a key indicator of success on legislative issues. Respect, credibility and trust are already established and the relationship provides a great base for conversations. Existing relationships with legislators can also give us key insights on their approach to issues and allow us to tailor our message to best communicate with them.

Report a Legislator Relationship

submit-legislator-relationship-reportIf you have any questions about the State Action Team Leader Program, please contact Jennifer Goodrum at 303-996-2847, 800-343-3010 ext. 107 or