CDA Testifies to Concerns with Duplicative Reporting Under SB 124

February 12, 2010

Yesterday, the CDA testified at a Senate committee hearing on SB 124 about the need to streamline reporting requirements under this bill. SB 124 would extend the Michael Skolnik disclosure requirements that are already in place for physicians to numerous other healthcare professions, including dentistry.

The Skolnik bill currently requires physicians to disclose certain practice history information including discplinary actions, malpractice settlements, criminal convictions and more.

The bill, as written, conflicts with provisions in the dental statute and might require duplicate reporting by dentists. We have had conversations with DORA about the potential conflicts. Legislators and DORA seemed to understand the concerns and prospects are good for addressing them moving forward.

The Senate Health and Human Services committee gave initial approval to the bill, referring it to Appropriations for further action.

At this point, the long-term prospects of this bill in question due to its significant fiscal impacts.