Red Flags

Red Flags Rule Compliance

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued regulations requiring any business that may provide credit to customers to take certain steps to guard against identity theft. This “Red Flags Rule” extends to health care providers, including dentists. The deadline to comply with this Rule has been extended multiple times and is now November 1, 2009.

As an EXCLUSIVE MEMBER BENEFIT, the American Dental Association (ADA) has created a guide for compliance with the new Red Flags Rule. This guide is a FREE benefit ONLY for members. The ADA has estimated that it would cost the average non-member dental office $2,000 or more become compliant – making this guide a huge savings to members.

***Please beware, there are several vendors and seminar providers (charging hundreds, even thousands, of dollars) to help you with compliance. Whether you purchase these products and services is your choice, however, it is not necessary to do so.***

Download the Guide Here:

The Colorado Dental Association has e-mailed this information to CDA members who have given us their e-mail addresses for this purpose. If you did not receive an e-mail from the CDA, we strongly encourage you to provide us with your e-mail address for future correspondence – we promise to never sell your address or use it for anything but important membership information or exclusive member benefit notices.

If you have any specific questions regarding the Red Flags Rule, please contact Jennifer Goodrum at 303-996-2847, 800-343-3010 ext. 107 or

Thank you!