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The Colorado Mission of Mercy (COMOM) is a large-scale dental clinic where dental treatment is provided at no cost to individuals who cannot afford dental care.   Treatment is provided first-come, first-served and it is expected that several hundred individuals will be attending this year's event, so please come early!

Who Should Come to COMOM

You can be a COMOM patient if:

  • You do not have enough money to pay for dental care
  • You do not have a regular dentist
  • You are not covered by dental insurance
Adults and children are welcome at COMOM.

When is COMOM

COMOM will be held on Sept. 28-29, 2012

Pueblo, Colo.
Colorado State Fairgrounds
More information to come soon!


More information to come soon!

What to Expect

• Dental treatment will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.
• As dentists and dental hygienists become available, you will be taken to areas of the dental clinic for dental treatment.
• The dental services provided at COMOM include cleanings, fillings, some root canal treatments, temporary dental appliances and extractions.
• During the dental clinic you will be provided with instruction on how to care for your teeth.
• Upon completing your dental care, you will be asked to participate in an exit interview.
• Bilingual volunteers will be available throughout the clinic to assist non-English speaking patients.

What to Bring:
Patients will be waiting for their turn to meet with the dentists and dental hygienists.  It’s a good idea to bring things such as books, magazines, crossword puzzles, or knitting to help pass the time.  PLEASE also bring water, food and snacks.  Onsite food will be limited.

***PLEASE NOTE: State law prohibits tobacco use on school property.***

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the FAQ button to access information about Frequently Asked Questions at COMOM.

Further Questions?
Prior to the COMOM event, please contact: 970-467-9011.

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