X-Ray Training Kits




This version of the training is no longer available. The new training program will be available in August following Colorado Dental Board approval in July.

Dental assistants are required to complete a State Board of Dental Examiners approved training course. Failure to comply can result in sanctions on a dentist’s license. This course, jointly sponsored by the CDA and the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine, is board-approved for compliance with Rule X of the Colorado Dental Practice Law and is available to CDA members at a discount. This kit contains a DVD and workbook, along with certificates of completion. To order or for more information, contact Geri Mustain at 303-740-6900, 800-343-3010 ext. 100 or geri@cdaonline.org.

Member Price: $130 each plus tax
Non Member Price: $315 each plus tax