Board of Health Approves New X-Ray Regulations

Jennifer GoodrumFeatured News

October 23, 2009

On Wednesday, the Colorado Board of Health met to consider proposed revisions to its rules on radiation control, which include provisions governing the use of dental x-ray equipment.

Prior to the hearing, the CDA conducted an extensive review of the rule revisions and filed formal comments with the Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to address some concerns. The CDHPE was extremely cooperative in finding reasonable solutions to address our concerns. View the CDPHE’s written response to CDA’s concerns here.

The draft regulations were revised based on the comments received and a new draft was submitted to the Board of Health for review at the hearing. On Wednesday, the Board adopted the revised rule that addressed the CDA’s concerns. The rule implementation date is July 1, 2010. This extended implementation date allows time for practitioners to review the new rule and implement any necessary modifications in their practice.

We will be publishing a series of additional communications discussing impact of the rule changes on your practice and best practices for x-ray technology in dentistry. Please watch your inbox for additional information.

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