Thank you Give Kids a Smile Day Volunteers!

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February 25, 2013

The CDA would like to extend its sincere thanks to all of the dental professionals who volunteered and participated in GKAS this year.  This annual program provided free dental treatment and education to thousands of children in Colorado.

CE Verification:  Dentists who participate in GKAS are eligible for CE credit.  Please click here to download the 2013 verification form.  Dental hygienists and other dental staff members should check with their specific dental organizations regarding CE.

Volunteer Certificates:  The CDA is happy to create and print GKAS certificates of participation for individual GKAS volunteers or dental offices for display.  These certificates are available upon request.  If interested, please e-mail your request with the correct spelling of the name/office to be printed on the certificate to  You can also call 303-996-2844.

GKAS Program Reporting:  The CDA no longer requires that you submit paper superbills or school presentation reporting forms, but instead encourages you to report your GKAS services to the ADA Give Kids a Smile Website at by June 28, 2013. This will allow the ADA and CDA to more accurately gauge participation and share actual event results with GKAS product sponsors, policymakers and others working toward improving dental access for underserved children.

Please report the following information on the ADA’s GKAS Webpage:

–    The number of children actually served by your efforts
–    The number of volunteer dentists and other dental team members who participated
–    The actual value of the care provided

In addition, please include specific data regarding the GKAS services performed:
–    The actual number of prophylaxis
–    The actual number of x-rays
–    The actual number of fluoride treatments
–    The actual number of restorations ( fillings, crowns, etc.)

To assist you with collecting the required data, please visit and click on the Toolbox link that takes you to the GKAS Toolkit page.  Located under the Program Planning Guide header is a sample data collection form as well as a blank form.

Instructions for Entering Actual Event Data:

1.     Go to
2.     Click on the Sign-up for Give Kids a Smile Day (first large navigation button on the right-hand side of the page)
3.     Click on the Login Existing Program tab
a.     Enter the PERMANENT USER ID (This is the unique number that was assigned to you during the sign up process) or PRIMARY CONTACT E-MAIL
b.     Enter the SECURITY CODE
4.     Click NEXT
5.     Select ENTER ACTUAL EVENT DATA from the GKAS Sign-up Main Menu (a table will appear on the RIGHT SIDE of the screen listing all events previously entered).
6.     Select the SELECT EVENT button next to the event and enter actual event data on the form provided (please enter data separately for each event)
7.     Click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page
8.     If you have multiple events, please repeat steps 5-7
9.     Click the LOGOUT button from the GKAS Main Menu to exit the system.

If you have questions regarding this online reporting method, please send an e-mail to the ADA at