The Three Top Reasons You Should Switch to ePrescribing for All Medications

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Dentist writing a prescription.

By Robert McDermott, CEO/iCoreConnect

As of July 1st, Colorado dentists are required to electronically prescribe Schedule II, III and IV controlled substances. Naturally, one of the top reasons for switching to an ePrescribing solution is compliance with state and federal regulations. However, there are three important reasons for you to extend ePrescribing to the rest of your prescriptions.

1. Improve safety for patients (and prescribers).

ePrescribing software often offers direct connection to the Colorado Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) to specifically check the patient’s controlled substance prescription history. Add practice management integration and access to your patient’s full medication history to create a more informed drug treatment plan and be alerted to contraindications, potential allergies or other issues.

2. Decrease patient prescription barriers and errors and increase medication adherence.

From lost paper prescriptions to errors in communication to possibly forged prescriptions, the possibility for problems is too significant. If you ePrescribe, the prescription goes directly to the pharmacy, preventing prescription problems and ensuring accuracy.

3. Improve practice workflow efficiency.

If you’re still a paper prescriber, you understand that keeping your prescription pad in a safe location is vital to preventing unauthorized use. That often means that writing prescriptions is tied to a single location. Cloud based ePrescription software gives you the ability to write prescriptions whether you’re at or away from the office saving you time and increasing your productivity.

While change can be intimidating, the move to electronic prescribing is, certainly, a change for the better. And, cloud-based ePrescribing solutions make the transition incredibly fast and easy, so you can be up and running in a short amount of time.

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