Retiring? Don’t Let That Dental License Expire

Becky O'GuinFeatured News

Keep your options open to volunteer in the future.

The state of Colorado makes it easy to volunteer as a dentist or hygienist when you retire but your license must remain active. If you’re retired or retiring, fill out the form “Application for Retired Status” and pay a fee of $20 so you can still volunteer in the future.

It is important to note the following requirement on the form: By checking this box, I attest that as of the date this application is submitted, I will not practice dentistry/dental hygiene in Colorado nor will I earn income as a dentist/dental hygienist, administrator, or consultant, although I may continue to provide dental/dental hygiene services to the indigent on a limited basis as long as no fee is charged and no compensation is received.

Find the form on the DORA website at

Please note: If you let your license expire, the requirements to reactivate are much more comprehensive.