Project Homeless a Huge Success

Molly Pereira Featured News

June 10, 2010

On May 22, 114 individuals from Denver’s homeless community received 222 extractions and 34 fillings at no charge by over 80 volunteer dentists and dental professionals.  This effort was held in conjunction with Project Homeless, a program organized by Denver’s Road Home (Mayor Hickenlooper’s approved 10-year plan to end homelessness).  Henry Schein Dental orchestrated the dental clinic, which generated $44,040 in donated dental care in just five short hours.

ProjectHomeless2010This was the third year for Project Homeless but the first year the program ProjectHomeless20102incorporated a dental component.  808 homeless adults and children attended the event, held at Coors Field in Denver.  Each attendee was personally escorted to several of the available stations at the event.  Some of these stations included: eviction and housing assistance, legal aid, ID cards, job and resume assistance, food and clothing, hair cuts, healthcare and dental care.

The need for dental care was overwhelming among attendees and the line was cut off by mid-morning.  Patients were triaged and anesthetized prior to entering the clinic, which included portable dental chairs, x-ray units and a sterilization section.  A special thanks to Jason Krause with Henry Schein for his hard work and dedication to this project.

Thank you dental volunteers!

Dr. Katie Ball
Becca Barnett
Dr. Terry Batliner
Dr. Gary Boudreaux
Dr. Kendal Carlson
Wtnette Chavez
Dr. Donald Cunningham
Dr. Cyrus Fanning
Dr. Nicole Furuta
Dr. Brian Gurinsky
Dr. Alan Gurman
Dr. Rick Harvey
Dr. Hang Hoang
Dr. Kemie Houston
Dr. Daniel Johnson
Anne Jones
Shelby Jones
Dr. Scott Kissinger
Dr. Casey Kochevar
Dr. Alan Kusek
Marina Lopez
Dr. Ryan McCall
Dr. Brock McKinley
Dr. Vern Morgan
Judy Morgan
Michael Morgan
Dr. Damien Mulvany
Meri Nazaryan
Dr. Robert O’Brien
Nina Olds
Dr. Cheryl Ozuna
Dr. Dianne Pierson
Dr. Thomas Pixley
Dr. Laurence Purcell
Dr. John Raabe
Dr. Chris Sakkaris
Dr. Gary Sellers
Patricia Snyder
Dr. Andrea Taylor
Val Taylor
Dr. Katie Tiao
Dr. Jennina Townsend
Anna Trujillo
Dr. Celia Turner
Dr. Michael Unser
Dr. Chris Vairin
Julie Wartburton
Dr. Sarah Werner
Dr. Daniel Wherley
Dr. Mitchell Williams
Dr. Heidi Winquist
Dr. Dan Young
Dr. Kathleen Young
Dr. Steven Zervas