Do You Have Piles of Payer Paperwork?

Molly PereiraFeatured News

From the Fall 2017 Journal of the Colorado Dental Association

Piles of paperwork do not make the office function more efficiently. If you’ve ever wondered how to improve office efficiencies, the process of credentialing could be costing your office priceless hours that could be better spent with patients. 

A new member benefit is available to dentists starting mid-October. The American Dental Association (ADA) is teaming up with the non-profit alliance CAQH to help streamline the credentialing process for dentists. The ADA credentialing service, powered by CAQH ProView provides an alternative to the traditional paper method of credentialing where dentists must respond individually to each payer request. It enables dentists to enter their professional information just once in an easy-to use, online digital solution that’s fast, protected and free. Data within the CAQH ProView system is held in a secure manner that meets or exceeds National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) standards. 

The ADA credentialing service will also help ease the frustration with processes such as:

  • credentialing with existing plans,
  • enrollment and credentialing with new plans,
  • updating provider directories, and
  • employment onboarding.  

The ADA credentialing service will help streamline the credentialing process for dentists to participate in payer networks. It also makes it easier to make updates when practice or professional information changes. 
Dentists need to enter their professional data just one time, and then they can share it with the participating organizations. Only the participating organizations the dentist chooses will be able to see the information, and only once the dentist attests. For example, if the dentist is actively on roster with a participating payer network, that network will be able to view the data once attested. It’s estimated that the entire process takes about one hour to complete.

Every 120 days, quarterly attestation reminders are sent, alerting dentists to update and confirm their information, keeping it timely and accurate.

Here are three things you need to know about the new ADA credentialing service:

  • It is powered by CAQH’s ProView platform, which is already used by more than 1.4 million healthcare providers.
  • A large number of payers are already participating in the ADA credentialing service. 
  • The online digital experience is fast, protected and free, and helps save time and potential annual administrative costs. 

How does it work? Practicing dentists can log in and begin the credentialing process by following these simple steps:

  1. Login to the My ADA profile.
  2. Select the “My Credential” icon to view a list of items needed to complete the credentialing process.
  3. Accept the ADA Terms and Conditions to be redirected to the CAQH ProView Welcome Page.
  4. Click on “Get Started.”  If you are already an active user in CAQH ProView, you can continue to use that service as before, however, you will be notified to log in through “My ADA” once the ADA benefit launches.

Learn more on the ADA credentialing page. Direct questions to or 800-621-8099.