New Rules on SDF Application by Dental Hygienists Take Effect

Kelsey Creehan Featured News

New rules governing the application of silver diamine fluoride (SDF) by dental hygienists have officially taken effect as of Aug. 14. Under the new rules adopted by the Colorado Dental Board, hygienists can now apply SDF when working in collaboration with a licensed dentist. To qualify, a licensed dental hygienist must complete a live, interactive training course offered by a dental board-approved CE entity that addresses:

  • instruction on placement and techniques
  • limitations
  • appropriate indications
  • diagnostic criteria and mechanism of action, and
  • protocols for sensitivities, complications or unsuccessful completion.

The dental hygienist must enter into a collaborative agreement with a dentist that describes all relevant protocols and must be covered by professional liability insurance. Documentation and disclosure requirements also apply.

View the full rule here.