Medicaid Provider Update: 3-Week Payment Delay Expected for Systems Transition

Molly Pereira Featured News

On March 1, Colorado Medicaid, now known as HealthFirst Colorado, and CHP+ will undergo a transition in vendors and claims payment systems for the programs. This transition primarily affects medical claims submission, but there are a couple of important considerations dentists should keep in mind.

For the dental community, nothing will change in terms of claims submission or provider portals for either Medicaid or CHP+ patients. Medicaid claims will continue to be submitted to DentaQuest and CHP+ claims through Delta Dental. You can continue to submit dental claims per usual during this transition, however, all dentists must have completed provider revalidation processes to continue to submit claims after the March 1 transition. The biggest impact of this change for most dental offices will be a delay in payment, estimated at three weeks, for claims submitted after Feb. 14. All processes are expected to return to normal schedules by the week of March 20.

DentaQuest and HealthFirst Colorado have notified providers on many occasions of these upcoming changes.