Masks and Gowns Available to Dental Offices Through ADA

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The ADA and CDA are aware of growing PPE shortages and the exponentially higher cost of some items. We continue to work through multiple channels to address these PPE concerns with a focus on keeping practices open and safe for patients and the dental team.

Working with FEMA and HHS, the ADA secured an additional allotment of 3M-made KN95 masks, as well as Level 1 non-surgical polyester Isolation Gowns. You may request one or both of these by ordering online below.

Masks will be shipped in packs of 50. Masks currently in stock are 3M-made KN95 masks (model 9502+) and are FDA and NIOSH approved. These masks have headbands, not ear loops, making them more comfortable for most. The reimbursement fee** for masks will be $26.50.

Gowns will be sent in separate packs of 25. Each pack will include a variety of sizes from small to XXLarge. These gowns are washable/ reusable and are supplied during the COVID-19 pandemic subject to FDA docket 2020-D-1138. The reimbursement fee** for gowns will be $31.25.

To request your PPE, please complete this registration form.

You will be asked to do the following:

  1. Enter your ADA number and your last name.
  2. Confirm your information (pay close attention to shipping address.)
  3. Confirm your request to receive an allotment of KN95 masks.
  4. Confirm your request to receive an allotment of gowns.
  5. Enter your payment information for your reimbursement fee(s)**.

We strongly encourage you to complete your request immediately, as supplies are limited.

Orders will be processed in the order they are received from each group of invitees. Once you complete your online request and pay the reimbursement fee(s), you will receive a confirmation email. Please allow up to 20 business days to receive your allotment. If inventory is not available when you complete your request, you will be placed on a “waiting list” (back order) and informed of such. ADA will then send your allotment if and when it receives more product. If additional inventory is not received, your reimbursement fee(s) will be reversed on your credit card.

**The ADA is NOT charging for the masks and gowns themselves, as they were provided by FEMA/HHS at no cost. The ADA is NOT profiting on these masks. The charge is only to recoup actual costs to receive, re-package, ship via UPS through fulfillment partner PBD, in addition to credit card processing fees.