Make a Difference in Colorado Healthcare

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Ready to make a difference in Colorado healthcare? Not sure where to start? Primary Care Movers and Changers (PCMAC) is a new leadership training program offered by the Regional Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership, in collaboration with organizations in the state, that will teach participants a range of leadership skills, delivered through four transformative in-person sessions facilitated by renowned leadership experts and coaches.

PCMAC is a comprehensive leadership development program for primary care clinicians in Colorado who are willing to advocate for changes in primary care in our state. PCMAC is designed for a variety of types of licensed primary care providers in urban settings across Colorado who work with underserved patient populations. Providers who are from an underserved background also may apply. PCMAC is designed to create primary care clinician champions who are able and willing to drive change, strengthen the delivery of services and improve the health outcomes of those they serve.

Key Program Elements

  • A year-long program
  • Includes four three-day events held at various locations in Colorado
  • Each participant completes a 360-degree assessment of personal leadership practices and other self- assessments
  • A peer coach is provided to each participant
  • Participants advocate for the primary care changes they wish to see in Colorado
  • Stipends are provided to mitigate travel or other expenses.

Topics of Study and Practice

  • Exemplary Leadership Practices
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Leading Change
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Coaching
  • Intentional Action for Leaders
  • Crafting Effective Messages
  • Communicating through the Media

How to Apply

Applications are due by March 15. Check out the eligibility requirements and apply today.