July 2023 Electronic Prescribing Requirement

Molly PereiraFeatured News

It’s time to get ahead of the game to comply with a new electronic prescribing law and improve patient safety. Next summer, Colorado law will require dentists to ePrescribe Controlled Substances (EPCS). That’s why the CDA is getting this in front of members a year in advance of Colorado’s July 1, 2023 EPCS deadline.

Here are five things you need to know about ePrescribing software:

  • Secure ePrescribing software can only be accessed by the doctor who has his/her own unique ID. When prescribing controlled substances, the security exponentially increases with two-factor authentication requirements for the doctor. In addition, every prescription for any kind of medication is logged, providing an audit trail if needed.
  • Your ePrescribing software should include a built-in directory, like Lexicomp, for drug and dosage information. Look for integration capability with your practice management software so data is auto filled, reducing errors and duplicate work.
  • Single-Click Access to the Colorado PDMP. The national average time it takes to access a state prescription drug monitoring program website is more than four minutes and 50 clicks. However, comprehensive ePrescribing cloud software, that is properly integrated with your practice management system, can reduce this to one or two clicks.
  • Cloud-based ePrescribing offers prescription care anywhere, at any time, using any internet-connected device. And when your prescriptions are automatically and quickly sent to the pharmacy, patients are more likely to actually pick up meds and adhere to their treatment protocols.
  • Additional time savers. e-Prescribing software may also include “Doctor’s Favorites” and prescription history checks for all medications.

The CDA urges you to integrate software sooner rather than later for both convenience and compliance.

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