Gov. Polis Signs Executive Order: Extends Suspension of Elective/Non-Essential Procedures

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Last night, Gov. Polis signed an executive order extending the state’s stay at home mandate. Gov. Polis also extended the temporary suspension of elective and non-essential surgeries and procedures to preserve PPE. These executive orders are in effect through April 26 at the earliest.* 

This order continues to restrict all voluntary or elective surgeries or  procedures, whether medical, dental, or veterinary. A voluntary or elective surgery or procedure means that the surgery can be delayed for a minimum of three months without undue risk to the current or future health of the patient as determined by the guidelines developed by the hospital, surgical center or other treating medical facility. Rural and critical access hospitals are strongly advised to follow this guidance but are not mandated to do so under this executive order. 

The Colorado Dental Association aligns its recommendation to temporarily suspend elective/non-essential surgeries with the governor’s order.
Read Gov. Polis’ Executive Order

* Residents in Denver are ordered by Mayor Hancock to stay at home through April 30. This order also mandates the temporary suspension of elective and non-essential surgeries and procedures through April  30. 


Excerpt of Gov. Polis’ speech on April 6, 2020:

“This evening, I am announcing our Colorado stay at home order is now planned to end April 26 – two additional weeks beyond the current order and several days ahead of the national goal. If there is any way to safely end it sooner, then we will. And likewise if Coloradans aren’t staying at home and the numbers of the dead and dying continue to increase, then it could go longer.

The reason for the April 26 date is very simple: because the data and the science tells us that staying at home, it is our best chance, our only chance, to avoid a catastrophic loss of life – the deaths of thousands of our friends, our neighbors, our family members.”