Election Results (so far) and 2022 PAC Giving

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This year’s election was widely projected to favor Republicans, but the balance of power in Colorado shifted further to the left this month, with Democrats picking up seats in both the state House and state Senate.

In the Colorado State Senate, Democrats appear to have picked up three seats – moving the Senate to a nearly veto-proof 23 Democrat to 12 Republican split. The Senate remains relatively stable with reasonably consistent leadership and only two new members without prior legislative experience. Sen. Steve Fenberg (D-Boulder) remains Senate President, and Sen. Paul Lundeen (R-Colorado Springs) Minority Leader.

In the Colorado State House, Democrats are projected to pick up five seats – yielding a veto-proof 46 Democrat to 19 Republican split. The Colorado House will likely face a big learning curve this year with all new leadership on both sides of the political aisle and 29 brand new members without prior legislative experience. Long-time dental champion, Rep. Julie McCluskie (D-Dillon), was elected to the top leadership position as Speaker of the House, and many additional friends of dentistry were selected for top leadership roles. The Republican House Minority caucus experience significant change with the unexpected passing of former Minority Leader Hugh McKean.

The Colorado Dental Political Action Committee and Small Donor Committee contributed in 63 districts up for election and supported 73 candidates. The PACs funded 91% of the participating candidates ultimately elected to office; only two house and two senate races were lost.

Below is a list of legislators supported by CODPAC for the 2022 election.

Plain Text = CODPAC Supported; Bold Text = CODPAC Endorsement; * = SDC Supported

Colorado Springs Vicinity

Rose Pugliese (R, H14 – Colorado Springs) *
Scott Bottoms (R, H15 – Colorado Springs)
Stephanie Vigil (D, H16 – Colorado Springs)
Dave Donelson (R, H16 – Colorado Springs)
Regina English (D, H17 – Colorado Springs)
Representative Marc Snyder (D, H18 – Colorado Springs) *
Don Wilson (R, H20 – Monument)
Representative Mary Bradfield (R, H21 – Fountain) *
Ken DeGraaf (R, H22 – Colorado Springs)
Senator Paul Lundeen (R, S9 – Colorado Springs) *
Representative Tony Exum (D, S11 – Colorado Springs) *
Senator Dennis Hisey (R, S11 – Colorado Springs) *

Denver Metro

Representative Steven Woodrow (D, H2 – Denver)
Representative Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez (D, H4 – Denver) *
Representative Jennifer Bacon (D, H7 – Denver)
Representative Leslie Herod (D, H8 – Denver) *
Representative Emily Sirota (D, H9 – Glendale) *
Representative Lindsey Daugherty (D, H24 – Arvada) *
Representative Colin Larson (R, H25 – Evergreen/South Lakewood) *
Senator Tammy Story (D, H25 – Evergreen/South Lakewood)
Representative Brianna Titone (D, H27 – Golden) *
Representative Shannon Bird (D, H29 – Westminster) *
Representative Chris Kennedy (D, H30 – Lakewood) *
Representative Dafna Michaelson Jenet (D, H32 – Commerce City) *
William Lindstedt (D, H33 – Broomfield) *
Jenny Willford (D, H34 – Northglenn)
Representative Adrienne Benavidez (D, H35 – Arvada)
Representative Mike Weissman (D, H36 – Aurora) *
Ruby Dickson (D, H37 – Greenwood Village) *
Representative David Ortiz (D, H38 – Littelton)
Jaylen Mosqueira (R, H38 – Littelton)
Representative Naquetta Ricks (D, H40 – Aurora)
Representative Iman Jodeh (D, H41 – Aurora) *
Representative Kurt Huffman (R, H43 – Highlands Ranch)
Anthony Hartsook (R, H44 – Parker) *
Lisa Frizell (R, H45 – Castle Rock)
Representative Rod Bockenfeld (R, H56 – Adams)
Eliza Hamrick (D, H61 – Aurora) *
Senator Rachel Zenzinger (D, S19 – Westminster) *
Representative Lisa Cutter (D, S20 – Evergreen)
Tim Walsh (R, S20 – Evergreen)
Representative Kyle Mullica (D, S24 – Thornton) *
Senator Faith Winter (D, S25 – Broomfield)
Representative Tom Sullivan (D, S27 – Aurora)
Tom Kim (R, S27 – Aurora)
Senator Rhonda Fields (D, S29 – Aurora) *
Senator Chris Hansen (D, S31 – Denver) *

Northern Colorado

Junie Joseph (D, H10 – Boulder)
Representative Karen McCormick (D, H11 – Longmont) *
Representative Tracey Bernett (D, H12 – Louisville)
Jennifer Parenti (D, H19 – Erie) *
Representative Dan Woog (R, H19 – Erie) *
Gabe Evans (R, H48 – Fort Lupton)
Representative Judy Amabile (D, H49 – North Foothills) *
Representative Mary Young (D, H50 – Greeley) *
Representative Hugh McKean (R, H51 – Loveland) *
Representative Cathy Kipp (D, H52 – Fort Collins) *
Representative Andrew Boesenecker (D, H53 – Fort Collins) *
Senator Rob Woodward (R, S15 – Loveland) *
Senator Steve Fenberg (D, S18 – Boulder) *

Southern Colorado

Ty Winter (R, H47 – Pueblo)
Tisha Mauro (D, H46 – Pueblo)
Stephen Varela (R, S03 – Pueblo) *

Western Colorado

Representative Julie McCluskie (D, H13 – Summit) *
Meghan Lukens (D, H26 – Eagle
Savannah Wolfson (R, H26 – Eagle)
Representative Matt Soper (R, H54 – Delta) *
Rick Taggart (R, H55 – Grand Junction)
Representative Perry Will (R, H57 – Pitkin) *
Senator Bob Rankin (R, S5 – Gunnison) *
Representative Janice Rich (R, S7 – Grand Junction) *
Representative Dylan Roberts (D, S8 – Eagle) *

Please note that every attempt is made to maintain bipartisan balance in CODPAC and CDSDC endorsements and giving.