EasyRefine Offers Even Bigger Discounts

Molly Pereira Featured News

One valuable benefit of CDA membership is the discounts available through the CDA’s suite of endorsed products and services. And sometimes those deals are made a little sweeter, like this additional 2% bonus premium on the total value of your next refining shipment to CDA-endorsed D-MMEX EasyRefine. Just be sure to submit your metals by Feb. 28, 2018.

About Your Discount

Just for being a member of the CDA, D-MMEX EasyRefine will pay you a 5% bonus on the total value of your metals and provide a report stating the value of all precious metals in your submission. D-MMEX EasyRefine also pays out more-than-fair value: Receive 97% of gold value, 90% of silver and platinum, and 85% of palladium.

Earn the 2% Bonus Premium

On top of this 5% bonus, members also will receive an additional 2% bonus premium for refining shipments sent in by Feb. 28, for a total of 7% premium on the total value of your precious metal submission.

To receive this bonus premium, download this member-exclusive coupon and include it in your next refining submission.