DORA Communication & Joint Update from the CDA and CODHA

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April 24, 2020
This morning, DORA released a statement to every dental licensee in Colorado regarding the expiration of Executive Order D 2020 027 – the Temporary Cessation of All Elective and Non-Essential Surgeries and Procedures.
While Colorado is entering the “Safer-at-Home” phase of its recovery plan on April 27, dentists should NOT expect to return to work as normal on April 27. DORA’s statement stresses that dentists “should not expect to change any (of your) current protocols on April 27th until further official notice.” In addition, “elective procedures should not take place until the Governor has issued these directives.
To be clear, this notice implies that dentists should NOT plan to see patients on April 27 for non-essential services. A new executive order is expected from Gov. Polis no later than April 27. This order will provide guidance for dental practices moving forward into this next recovery phase.
The notice from DORA should be regarded as State of Colorado law. Several cities and counties have announced or are considering extending their stay-at-home orders and we will clarify what that means for those who live and work in those areas once we know more.
The CDA has been in contact with the governor’s office. We have communicated the need to begin reopening dental offices balanced with the need for additional PPE and testing for COVID-19.
This is what we know at this point and we will share any updates from the governor or DORA once the information is available.

A Joint Message from CDA & CODHA

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