Dental Board CE Requirement Allows Web-Based Courses That Meet Criteria

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During 2020 when live CE courses were not an option due to social distancing, the Colorado Dental Board stated that CE requirements for licensure would be flexible due to this unusual circumstance. As the current license renewal cycle nears its close, the CDA has requested clarification of this “flexibility.” Last month, the dental board issued a new policy document.

Policy 1.HH states:

1.HH. Continuing Education Clarification Policy (Adopted 1/22/2020)
The purpose of this policy is to clarify Rule 1.3 (G)(9) – Continuing Education Requirements for Dentists, Dentists Issued an Academic License, and Dental Hygienists.

Rule 1.3 (G)(9) states that at least fifty percent of the required continuing education hours must be live and interactive. The Board has determined that “live and interactive” continuing education meeting this requirement may also include web-based courses as long as the course provides the opportunity for interaction between the participants and the instructor. Interaction meeting this requirement includes the opportunity and ability for course participants to ask questions in real-time, and for the instructor to answer participant questions in real-time