Delta Dental of Colorado and CDA Announce COVID-19 Collaboration

Kelsey CreehanFeatured News

For the past two months, the leadership of Delta Dental of Colorado (DDCO) and the CDA have been discussing the significant effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on dentistry in Colorado. Both organizations are deeply concerned about the health and welfare of dentists, dental team members and patients. We are building off a strong foundation of mutual respect and dedication to improving the oral health of all Coloradans. The CDA is encouraged by the industryleading commitment from DDCO and their recently announced $30 million relief package to support providers, the insured, the community, and other DDCO stakeholders. DDCO is extremely supportive of the CDA leadership and its efforts in providing best practices and resources to dentists during this difficult time.

Read the Delta Dental of Colorado press release.  

Today, we are announcing the future priorities that will benefit from our joint efforts. The CDA and DDCO are committed to the ongoing efforts in:   

  1. Supporting dental team members across the state as they navigate the new world of critically needed PPE. DDCO has committed $3 million to helping DDCO network providers with PPE funding and is already considering future support if this pandemic persists as expected. As part of the dental relief program, DDCO has earmarked $7.5 million to support lowinterest loans for dental practitioners. Learn more here.  
  2. Advocating for effective best practices that keep provider teams and patients safe and healthy. 
  3. Helping improve access to care for patients in need while keeping them safe.   
  4. Committing to evaluate the ongoing and longer-term affects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes PPE, COVID testing, adjustments or exceptions to dental benefit plan policies related to COVID-19, and other areas critical to the viability of dental practice.   

We recognize that our respective organizations do not always see eye-to-eye on every issue. Although we have different primary customers, we recognize the value of the dental team in fulfilling our separate but related missions. We remain determined to bridge the gaps and work together on COVID-related issues for the betterment of dentists and their patients. Neither CDA nor DDCO can remedy the pain that is being experienced by patients or practitioners during this pandemic, but we remain committed to the needs of our stakeholders and have no intention of profiting off this crisis.   

Consistent dialogue between DDCO and CDA leadership on COVID-19 matters remains a top priority and we will continue to update the provider community on future outcomes of this collaboration.