Credit Card Processing Changes in April

Molly Pereira Featured News

Does your office key-in credit cards rather than reading the card via chip? Best Card, the CDA and ADA endorsed credit card processor, has some time-sensitive information to remember the next time your office processes a credit card.

All the major credit card brands make changes to their base cost structure every April and October, and this April’s changes are set to be the largest in the last 10 years for Visa. In most years, these increases are 0.01%-0.05%, but this April’s increase is 0.45% on some common card types.

Card-not-present sales (hand-keyed in card numbers rather than cards read via  chip) have always been more expensive than card-present due to the potential for fraud. When keying in a card, almost all card systems allow you to enter a 5-digit ZIP code for the cardholder. Doing this will get you a lower rate on the card because there’s a lower risk of fraudulent transactions.

Entering this information can make a big difference to your bottom line! Historically it could be a difference of 0.40%-0.60%, or $40-$60 on every $10,000 run in card sales, but starting this April, not entering the 5-digit ZIP code may lead to 1% higher fees on keyed transactions!

Many credit card processors are using these rate increases as a reason to raise their costs for dental practices. If you think your rates are too high, reach out to Best Card to see what they can save you or send a recent statement to