Congratulations to CU School of Dental Medicine Scholarship Recipients

Molly PereiraFeatured News

The CDA Foundation is honored to annually support the CDA Scholarship Endowment to CU School of Dental Medicine students. Congratulations to the 2016-17 recipients of the endowment: Becky Bye and Kyle Diehl.

byeBecky has been actively involved in the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) and has taken on many leadership roles at the CU School of Dental Medicine. Becky graduated from Colgate University and the University of Denver law school. She is a past president of Colorado ASDA and an Alpha Omega Executive Board (dental fraternity) board member. Becky believes in service to others and leads by example.

diehlKyle earned his doctorate before coming to the CU School of Medicine to try his hand at being a dental student. And he’s excelled every since he got to CU. A hybrid between a faculty member and a student, Kyle is known to be an asset to the school, the dental profession, and organized dentistry.

Since 2005, the CDA Foundation, then known as the CDA Charitable and Educational Fund, has been supporting this scholarship endowment that recognizes outstanding CU School of Dental Medicine students.

Congratulations to two truly outstanding members of the dental profession!