CDPHE Makes Changes to Radiation Control

Becky O'GuinFeatured News

On Dec. 15, dental offices will no longer need to request a waiver from ongoing occupational radiation exposure monitoring requirements, however, monitoring is still required and in-office recordkeeping must be implemented for future inspections.

Last month, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Radiation Program made changes to Part 4 of the Colorado radiation control regulations, titled “Radiation Control – Standards for protection against radiation.” This rule contains basic radiation protection requirements, such as dose limits and occupational monitoring requirements, and applies to all x-ray registrants and radioactive materials licensees in Colorado. The primary change to Part 4 will eliminate the current language in section 4.18.3 and replace it with a recordkeeping requirement specific to x-ray registrants.

“Registrants shall maintain records of the evaluation of likely external dose and the determination to monitor or not monitor individuals to demonstrate compliance with the occupational dose limits of Part 4. The registrant shall retain the record required by 4.18.3 for inspection until the Department terminates the registration requiring the record.”

All dental offices (on a per facility basis) are required to monitor occupational exposure using dosimetry badges for at least six months or have a qualified inspector evaluate the facility for occupational dose limits.

The changes mentioned above will go into effect on Dec. 15, 2023. The CDA will share any additional information regarding this rule change or requirements for recordkeeping as soon as they are available from CDPHE.

A complete list of state resources on x-ray and dosimetry is available at: