CDA Foundation Gives Back to the Community, Profession

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By Linda Mettler, CDA Foundation Chair

From the Summer 2022 Journal of the Colorado Dental Association

As we start a new fiscal year at the CDA Foundation (CDAF), I am honored to be elected as chair of the board this year. I have been on the CDAF board for four years and I love working with the other board members and the staff of the CDA. The CDAF is committed to increasing access to care, supporting dental education and promoting the wellbeing of the dental profession.  I see our leadership’s dedication to this every day—and I hope you do too.

I appreciate all the support and donations that come into the CDAF from CDA members and other donors. We also fundraise for the foundation by hosting an annual golf tournament in September, annual beer garden in June at the CDA Annual Session and other events during the year. The funds we raise through events, sponsorships and member giving go right back into the community in various ways.

This past June the foundation hosted its beer garden in Vail and added axe throwing to the event, which was a huge success. The event raised nearly $10,000, and $5,000 of that amount was given to the CDAF’s endowment scholarship at the CU School of Dental Medicine.

Twice per year, in the fall and spring, we accept grant applications from non-profit organizations that serve their communities by providing dental care to those in need. We evaluate these applications carefully and fully review the nature and scope of each project, as well as the organization’s financial health. We do a deep dive into what the organizations are asking for and how the funds will be used (which could be equipment, PPE, direct patient care, etc.). Each line item is reviewed in detail to determine grant eligibility so we can ensure our donation addresses access to care and quality care.  During the spring 2022 grant cycle, we awarded $23,891 in grants to the following organizations:

  • Dental Lifeline Network: $5,000
  • Deserving Dental: $5,000
  • Denver Health Foundation Webb Dental Clinic: $4,897
  • Colorado Mission of Mercy: $5,000
  • Colorado Coalition for the Homeless: $3,994

In addition to providing these grants, the CDAF also provided $26,500 in emergency funding to dental professionals who were victims of the Marshall Fire in December 2021.  These individuals lost almost everything in this tragic event, and the CDAF rallied quickly to provide help.

It feels good to be a part of an organization that is so dedicated to its members and the dental profession. While I am not a clinician, I do love the profession and the dentists who I work with. My part in this organization is small, but it’s the collection of small acts of giving that create big momentum and positivity. I urge you to get involved in any way you can, to help promote the profession that you chose, live and love. No act is too small—so please give your time, dollars and/or expertise so we can continue to help our community.

Our next event is the annual CDAF Golf Tournament on Sept. 12 at Bear Dance. This event raises money for our charity grant program. Join us for this fun day and make a difference on a Monday! To register or sponsor, go to

If you are interested in joining the CDAF board of directors, or just want more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to me anytime. I can be reached at or 303-246-9954.