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trust_logo_4cAll malpractice policies are not created the same. Your insurance coverage becomes very important if you should have a patient event or claim. As a member of the Dentists Professional Liability Trust of Colorado (Trust), you benefit from working directly with a Colorado dentist who will handle your claim.

Since 1987, the Trust’s dental claim experience has helped to resolve numerous claims to the benefit of its members. Because it is a member-owned trust and not a for-profit insurance company, the Trust’s primary focus is its members. This is why members can expect stable annual premiums; in fact, the Trust’s premiums have not increased in that last nine years.

Take a Closer Look

There are a lot of differences between being a member of the Trust and being just another policy number at a large, commercial carrier. Both give you a policy the practice law requires, but that’s where the similarity ends. Consider the following:

Whom do I talk to when I have a patient event, claim or question?
Trust: Local dentists who understand your practice your business and your needs.
Them: Claims call center, likely out-of-state.

Besides a policy, what do I get when I buy coverage?
Trust: Personal risk mitigation training, educational programs and an on-call team that speaks dentist.
Them: Online support.

How do I provide personal input or get access to the company?
Trust: You are represented by dentists from your Colorado Dental Association component society, giving you direct access to the Trust.
Them: Via their national board.

Do I have to give my “consent to settle” a case?
Trust: All settlements are based on the best interests of the dentist, patient and Trust members.
Them: Read the fine print and ask about their “Hammer Clause.”

How much surplus has been returned to dentists in Colorado?
Trust: Over $1.2 million has been distributed back to Colorado dentists.
Them: $0.

How many years has the company been serving Colorado dentists?
Trust: 29 years. The Trust was established by dentists, for dentists, in 1987.
Them: It’s hard to say. They tend to come and go.

Protect Your Practice

Visit or call Dr. Randy Kluender at 303-357-2602 to find out about how the CDA-endorsed Trust can help you.