CDA Endorsed Products Spotlight: Association Gloves

Molly Pereira Featured News

May 17, 2016

Association Gloves

CDA members are eligible to receive a discount off Association Gloves‘ line of gloves, masks and disposable products. Use the new app to place an order and get $5 off a purchase of $175 or more on regularly priced items. Free glove and mask samples are available by calling 877-484-6149. View complete member pricing on other products and check out the 2016 Products Catalog.

About Association Gloves
Association Gloves has been providing quality, brand-name, value-priced gloves to association members since 2007. Its goal is to provide high-quality products, exceptional customer service and competitive prices. Its customer service team is dedicated to helping you find glove solutions for everyone in your office. Association Gloves’ expertise with dental associations helps them understand your needs and identify gloves that every member of your team will love.
CDA_2013logo_CMYKFeatured Products and Services
Glove, mask  and disposable product offers below are good only until June 30, 2016.
Just Released
  • Xceed nitrile: Buy 7 boxes, get 3 boxes free. Your price per 100 gloves is only $4.98. That’s $124.60 per case of 2,500 gloves. Ergonomically certified.
  • Neogard chloroprene: Buy 8, get 2 free. An ergonomically certified glove with tactile sensitivity and strength. Only $9.60 per 100 gloves. A case of 1,000 gloves costs $96.
  • Ultraform nitrile: Buy 7, get 3 free. An ergonomically certified glove that molds to your hand for only $4.83 per 100 gloves, or $145 per case of 3,000.
  • Sensation nitrile: Buy 8 boxes, get 2 boxes free. A glove with low dermatitis potential for only $6.50 per 100 gloves or $65 per case.
  • Cranberry Revo200 Textured Nitrile: $5.15 per 100 gloves, or $103 per case.
  • Cranberry Truly Textured Nitrile: Low-dermatitis-potential glove for $5.37 per 100, or $107.50 per case.
  • EcoBee BeeSure SuperSlim: Great savings on a favorite, comfortable glove. $4.60 per 100, or $138 per case.
  • Halyard Health Aquasoft: Buy 1 case, get 2 boxes free.
  • Halyard Health Lavender: Buy 1 case, get 1 box free.
Mask Specials
  • New! BeeSure 2100 series, ASTM-rated level 2 ear loop masks: $29 per case of 400.
  • Halyard Health Masks: Buy 1 case, get 2 boxes free.
  • Scented/Flavored Gloves: Plak Smacker flavored and scented powder-free gloves are available in latex and nitrile! Latex gloves are $94 per case of 1,000 gloves. Nitriles are $73.50 per case of 1,000 gloves.

Innovative Healthcare Corporation
Both products feature a colloidal oatmeal active therapeutic system.

  • DermAssist COATS (powder-free latex): $72 per case of 1,000 gloves.
  • NitraDerm COATS (nitrile) gloves: $126.50 for a case of 2,000 gloves.
Microflex Performance Series Nitrile 
  • This value-priced, comfortable glove with textured fingertips costs just $105 for a case of 2,000 gloves.
Disposable Products
Shop Association Gloves’ lines of dental bibs, sterilization pouches, drinking cups, cotton-tipped applicators, gauze, cotton rolls and barrier films, all with free shipping! Here are a few of the low prices on those products:
  • 16 sizes of sterilization pouches starting at $54 per case.
  • Bibs as low as $29 per case.
Contact Association Gloves
Check out the Association Gloves website, Association Gloves 2016 Product Catalog and CDA Endorsed Products or call 877-484-6149 to learn more about how Association Gloves can help you save money on all of your glove and mask needs!