Carve Out Bill for Medicaid Dental Program Moves Forward

Jennifer Goodrum Featured News

October 23, 2009

Medicaid provider participation and provider reimbursement rates are dangerously low in Colorado. A “carve out” is one option that could help address this issue and ensure sustainability and success for the program into the future. Whereas the Medicaid dental program is currently administered by the state, a carve out would bid administration of the program out to a separate, third-party benefits administrator. This type of arrangement usually results in reduced costs to the state and better streamlining for the practitioner and patient.

The CDA, along with several dental stakeholders and the legislature’s interim healthcare task force, have been exploring whether a carve out of the Medicaid dental program would be beneficial. Monday, the healthcare task force met and considered a bill that would instruct the state to proceed with a carve out for the Medicaid dental program.

The bill received unanimous support from legislators on the task force. It will move forward and be introduced in the general legislative session beginning in January 2010. Rep. Beth McCann will be the sponsor in the House. Sen. Joyce Foster will be the sponsor in the Senate.