Becoming Noble

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By Deanna Goodrich, R.D.H.
Every successful business owner begins with these three questions: Who are you? What do you believe? Who do you need to become? Becoming noble is defined by Webster’s dictionary as “having, showing, or coming from personal qualities that people admire (such as honesty, generosity, courage, etc.).” This little five-letter word can revolutionize your practice, your life and your happiness.

Becoming noble carries an image of a white knight that is the bravest of the brave—where no adventure was too dangerous. He was untarnished in principle and ideal, and unbeaten in battle. The knight carried his conviction for the people and never waived in his certainty of protecting his oath. He made a stand for what is right and was willing to carry this to the end of his life.
Doctors can become noble or knight-like when core values are created that can withstand the multitude of tests of owning a business:
  • Become a leader that others want to follow.
  • Know your “why” and how to get there.
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your dreams.
  • Stay true to the noble attributes.
Here are three ways that you can bring the qualities of being noble into your dental practice.
Are you struggling with your team (army) following your lead?  Take a closer look at the message you are sending to your team.  For example, if you feel the team has fallen into a dangerous place of complacency, check-in with yourself to evaluate how your team sees you.  Every good knight meets with his/her team to create a strategy of what’s to come on the day of battle so that the win is massive.  Doctors can learn skills of how to lead through inspiring others to become better than themselves.  They create a longing for something bigger than they are doing now.  They are bold and decisive in making decisions.  They nurture without creating dependence.  Teams love to have leaders that have optimism and come from a place of abundance.  Skilled knights know exactly what the left flank is doing while the right flank is taking care of the front line.  Do you know your team’s role and how best to support them?  The win is there with great leadership.
A knight’s brand is based on his chivalry and willingness to lose his life for a cause.  A brand could also be an emotion-evoked word or symbol to create the meaning behind the brand.  Doctors who clearly set themselves apart will invest in their brand equity leaving a legacy behind.  How does one do this?  Start with perfecting your patient experience by being remarkable.  Everything we do is part of branding, from the moment the patient steps out of the car and through the door of the practice.  A great team meeting could be centered on using the five human senses.  What do patients see, smell or hear when they enter the office?  Are they greeted with a warm handshake, are they offered a pre and post op rinse?  Imagine if your patients entered the front door with a warm smile and your admin person knew them by name, offered them a beverage and let them know that Susan, their hygienist, will be with them in five minutes.  Branding begins with good intentions and becoming great at everything you do and are.
A knight who can lead an army into war could be compared to an entrepreneur in today’s words.  Be bold and courageous with your business plan.  If you are holding back for the right time, the right person, the perfect plan, you could spend your whole life waiting.  If you are willing to take on greater then normal financial risks in order to achieve greatness, you increase the odds of getting yourself to where you want to be.  There is no better time than now to look at technology.  The new patient wants better, faster and more affordable treatment. The winning knight takes the initiative to move swiftly and without hesitation.  There are many professionals in our industry who have knowledge and skills that can support you.  A knight carries no fear into battle.   Fear holds us in a place of certainty that things will stay exactly the way they are today.  You may surprise yourself once you get out there and learn about what’s possible.
Become courageous and noble. Be a knight that attracts the best employees; create a stand-alone brand that others want to be a part of; and create good for others and yourself. Be noble in your cause.

Deanna M. Goodrich, R.D.H. is an executive coach with Fortune Management. Contact her at 720-810-3760 or  Learn more at