Anesthesia Training Requirements

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Know the New Anesthesia Training Requirements: Don’t Be Fooled

As you know, the Colorado State Board of Dental Examiners recently published a new rule on the administration of anesthesia. As the March 30 implementation deadline nears, there has been some confusion about the requirements of the new rule.

You may have seen a recent advertising flyer implying that use of Valium will require 16+ hours of training. While the postcard can be misleading, the associated Website clarifies that “anti-anxiety pre-medication does not require formal training.”

During State Board discussions on the new rule, there were extensive conversations about anxiolysis or “pre-medication” for relief of anxiety. The new rule is intended to allow anxiolysis under a dentist’s regular license (i.e. without an additional permit or any additional training), so long as the patient’s intended state of sedation is not greater than anxiolysis.

The State Board is also in the process of updating permit application and renewal forms to conform to the new rule. If your anesthesia license expires in April or early May, the new forms should be available within the 60-day renewal grace period. The CDA will alert members when the new forms are available.

To view the complete new anesthesia rule, click here.  Please note that the new rule language starts on page 15 of the linked document and ends on page 31.

To view a CDA summary of some notable requirements of the new rule, click here.