2020 CODPAC Supported Legislative Candidates

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In 2020, all candidates running for seats in the state legislature were asked to participate in a dental questionnaire and interview process as a prerequisite to receiving Colorado Dental Political Action Committee (CODPAC) or Colorado Dental Small Donor Committee (CDSDC) funding. This process helps educate candidates on dental issues, and ensures that dentistry’s political dollars are wisely invested with candidates who are well aligned with our profession. Key issues addressed in the 2020 process included: access to dental care in Colorado, dental team structure and dental insurance reform. If a candidate chose not to participate in the questionnaire and interview process, they were not considered for an endorsement or contribution.

CDSDC funds (indicated in bold type below) were given to legislators who went above and beyond—they are dentistry’s best champions. A small donor committee may give a candidate more than 10 times the amount of a regular political action committee, like CODPAC. CDSDC reserves these elite dollars for legislators who have a proven dental record. These are typically legislators who have sponsored key dental bills and exceptionally supported several dental issues over an extended period of time.

After completing the candidate evaluation process for 2020, CODPAC contributed approximately $28,000 to support friends of dentistry who are seeking seats in the state legislature. Nearly $70,000 in additional support was contributed by the small donor committee.

Below is a list of legislators supported by CODPAC for the 2020 election. Names appearing in bold text also received small donor committee elite funding.

Colorado Springs Vicinity

  • Mary Bradfield (R, HD21 – Colorado Springs)
  • Rep. Terri Carver (R, HD20 – Colorado Springs)
  • Sen. Bob Gardner (R, SD12 – Colorado Springs)
  • Rep. Larry Liston (R, SD10 – Colorado Springs)
  • Andres Pico (R, HD16 – Colorado Springs)
  • Rep. Marc Snyder (D, HD18 – Colorado Springs)
  • Rep. Rep. Dave Williams (R, HD15 – Colorado Springs)

 Denver Metro

  • Judy Amabile (D, HD13 – Boulder)
  • Rep. Mark Baisley (R, HD39 – Littleton)
  • Rep. Adrienne Benavidez (D, HD32 – Denver)
  • Tracey Bernett (D, HD12 – Niwot)
  • Rep. Shannon Bird (D, HD35 – Westminster)
  • Sen. Jeff Bridges (D, SD26 – Greenwood Village)
  • Rep. Janet P Buckner (D, SD28 – Aurora)
  • Rep. Yadira Caraveo (D, HD31 – Thornton)
  • Rep. Richard Champion (R, HD38 – Littleton)
  • Rep. James Coleman (D, SD33 – Denver)
  • Caroline Cornell (R, HD37 – Aurora)
  • Rep. Lisa Cutter (D, HD25 – Littleton)
  • Sen. Jessie Danielson (D, SD20 – Wheat Ridge)
  • Lindsey Daugherty (D, HD29 – Arvada)
  • Vanessa DeMott (R, HD29 – Arvada)
  • Paula Dickerson (D, SD25 – Thornton)
  • Rep. Monica Duran (D, HD24 – Wheat Ridge)
  • Sen. Steve Fenberg (D, SD18 – Boulder)
  • Sen. Rhonda Fields (D, SD29 – Aurora)
  • Rep. Meg Froelich (D, HD3 – Englewood)
  • Rep. Alec Garnett (D, HD2 – Denver)
  • Rep. Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez (D, HD4 – Denver)
  • Rep. Matt Gray (D, HD33 – Broomfield)
  • Sen. Chris Hansen (D, SD31 – Denver)
  • Rep. Leslie Herod (D, HD8 – Denver)
  • Sen. Chris Holbert (R, SD30 – Denver)
  • Rep. Edie Hooten (D, HD10 – Boulder)
  • Rep. Dominique Jackson (D, HD42 – Aurora)
  • Rep. Dafna M. Jenet (D, HD30 – Commerce City)
  • Rep. Chris Kennedy (D, HD23 – Lakewood)
  • Barbara Kirkmeyer (R, SD23 – Brighton)
  • Rep. Colin Larson (R, HD22 – Littleton)
  • Sen. Sonya Jaquez Lewis (D, SD17 – Lafayette)
  • Rep. Susan Lontine (D, HD1 – Denver)
  • Dr. Karen McCormick (D, HD11 – Hygiene)
  • Sen. Dominick Moreno (D, SD21 – Commerce City)
  • Rep. Kyle Mullica (D, HD34 – Northglenn)
  • David Ortiz (D, HD38 – Littleton)
  • Sen. Brittany Pettersen (D, SD22 – Lakewood)
  • Vicki Pyne (R, HD27 – Arvada)
  • Naquetta Ricks (D, HD40 – Aurora)
  • Donald Rosier (R, HD25 – Littleton)
  • Sen. Jim Smallwood (R, SD4 – Parker)
  • Suzanne Staiert (R, SD27 – Centennial)
  • Rep. Kerry Tipper (D, HD28 – Lakewood)
  • Rep. Brianna Titone (D, HD27 – Arvada)
  • Rep. Alex Valdez (D, HD5 – Denver)
  • Rep. Mike Weissman (D, HD36 – Aurora)
  • Rep. Kevin Van Winkle (R, HD43 – Highlands Ranch)
  • Rep. Steven Woodrow (D, HD6 – Denver)
  • Sen. Rachel Zenzinger (D, SD19 – Arvada)

Eastern Colorado

  • Rep. Rod Bockenfeld (R, HD56 – Watkins)
  • Rep. Richard Holtorf (R, HD64 – Akron)
  • Rep. Rod Pelton (R, HD65 – Cheyenne Wells)
  • Tonya Van Beber (R, HD48 – Eaton)

Northern Colorado

  • Rep. Jeni Arndt (D, HD53 – Fort Collins)
  • Sen. John Cooke (R, SD13 – Greeley)
  • Sen. Joann Ginal (D, SD14 – Fort Collins)
  • Rep. Cathy Kipp (D, HD52 – Fort Collins)
  • Rep. Hugh McKean (R, HD51 – Loveland)
  • Sen. Rob Woodward (R, SD15 – Loveland)
  • Rep. Mary Young (D, HD50 – Greeley)
  • Yara Zokaie (D, HD49 – Windsor)

Southern Colorado

  • Rep. Bri Buentello (D, HD47 – Pueblo)
  • Rep. Daneya Esgar (D, HD46 – Pueblo)
  • Sen. Leroy Garcia (D, SD3 – Pueblo)
  • Cleave Simpson (R, SD35 – Alamosa)

Western Colorado

  • Rep. Dylan Roberts (D, HD26 – Eagle)
  • Rep. Julie McCluskie (D, HD61 – Dillon)
  • Rep. Barbara McLachlan (D, HD59 – Durango)
  • Sen. Bob Rankin (R, SD8 – Carbondale)
  • Rep. Janice Rich (R, HD55 – Grand Junction)
  • Rep. Matt Soper (R, HD54 – Delta)
  • Rep. Perry Will (R, HD57 – New Castle)